Point of Sale App

Stall Holder App

Market Owner App

Digitalise tags at checkout  

Automate backend reconciliation

Pause, cancel and duplicate sales  

Generate and manage vouchers 

Offer lay by with automated updates 

Print and email receipts 

Multiple payment partners

Discount by total and percentage

Checkout set items 

Feature packed Stall Holder App

The Stall Holder App gives your sellers real time updates, tracks performance and gets sellers to provide feedback to the Point of Sales by double checking transactions.

Real time sales alerts

Item and price alerts

Sales reports

Sales reports

Stall updates

Stall rental notifications

Available on Apple and Android

Available via web log in 

Feature packed Market Manager App

Manage your market remotely by tracking performance, integrating accounting
and automating invoicing.

See real time metrics

Compare days, weeks and months 

Demonstrate value to stall holders  

Download and print reports 

Customise what staff and stall holders see

Accounting software integration

Accounting Software Integration saves time on bookkeeping and reduces mistakes, while automating invoicing and auditing.

Upload business data in real time

Automate stall holder rental invoicing

Automate inventory management

Integrated with popular accounting software

Custom integrations available

Payments that work for you

Fast Payments that keep your business running. Set up commission structures to create value for your business and reduce or eliminate commission paid by your market or stall holders.

Fully integrated payment partners 

All card types accepted 

Option to integrate your existing payment provider

Low or no fees

Integrated with popular accounting software

Online payment processing available  

Commission options to create additional revenue 

PCI compliant and fully encrypted